Southwest Missouri Code Officials, Inc. (SMCO) was established March 3, 1992 as a chapter of the Building Officials and Code Administrators International (BOCAI).  On January 21, 2003, SMCO was approved for chapter status by the Board of Directors of the International Code Council (ICC).  As an ICC chapter, SMCO supports the adoption of the International Building Codes, which are produced by the ICC.  The chapter's primary thrust is educational, sponsoring or co-sponsoring a number of seminars each year.  Membership is open to all individuals concerned with the conformance of design and construction to code requirements.    

     Members of SMCO live in a 22 county region of Southwest Missouri.  These include code administrators, plan reviewers, building inspectors, fire marshals, health inspectors, architects, engineers, private consultants, contractors, and safety equipment manufacturers.  Given the size of the Springfield metropolitan area, it is not surprising that nearly half of the approximately 170 members live there, with many of them being Springfield and Greene County employees.  Meetings and seminars provide an opportunity for members to exchange knowledge and experiences for mutual benefit. 

     Continuing education credit is provided for participation in chapter educational programs.  These include programs that provide an overview of various codes, guidance for transitioning from one code to a newer one, programs focusing on particular code topics, panel discussion forums, and technical topics related to construction techniques.  Past technical seminars have included such topics as light gage metal framing, EIFS systems, wood framing, fire stopping, masonry fire walls, mechanical venting, and electrical grounding and bonding.  SMCO often co-sponsors educational seminars with other professional organizations, including regional chapters of the Construction Specifications Institute  (CSI) and the American Institute of Architects (AIA). 

     Other activities of SMCO include co-sponsorship of Salute to Construction.  SMCO first joined this effort in 2002, and has participated since.  SMCO welcomes all new members, and encourages you to consider the benefits of membership.  Seminar registration costs are less for SMCO members.

Mission Statement

SMCO exists to serve all individuals concerned with building code conformance in a 22 county region of Southwest Missouri. It is committed to sponsorship of wide ranging seminars related to code conformance and proper construction methods.

SMCO supports the adoption of the International Codes as beneficial for city and county jurisdictions. SMCO encourages the exchange of knowledge between it's members.